The world went mad last year. Portal has been daft for 30 years.

When Portál, the Czech publishing house, came to us with a task to prepare a celebration of their 30th birthday, we were happy as a lark. The budget was kinda “daft punk” (nice euphemism, hey?) and the client was a typical do-gooder. A perfect choice for us! At first we prepared an event named #VečerJsmeNaHlavu (#TonightWeAreDaft) focused on personal development. But eventually we ended up doing something totally different.

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Change the perception of a Czech publishing house who is known as “the best textbook publisher for college students” to something more broad and to lure new potential clients who haven't heard about Portál yet.


Portál wanted to make a “thank you” video at first but we decided to create a more sophisticated alternative. We prepared a special communication campaign called #Už30LetJsmeNaHlavu (#DaftFor30YearsAlready) resulting in an educative gala night with special guests such as Portál's bold authors who discussed personal development, self-care and education with the client's director.

Viral video invitations

We made a series of authentic video invitations that were meant to be viral but the result was still surprising to us. We managed to have thousands of shares on social media, hundreds of views and a sold out event.

Visual language

We created a geometric design system which incorporated a set of icons which expressed the 6 pillars upon which Portal stands. This aesthetic was extended to the 30th anniversary logo and also the typographic application of the event invitation hastag.

A spanner in the works named COVID

And then covid came and the whole world was immediately #nahlavu (#daft). There was no way we would organize a social event during this difficult time. But the willingness to help each other was still there and even more amplified. That's why we prepared the video cycle #JeToNaHlavu (#That'sDaft) where Portal authors and lectors were helping to get through home quarantine, cabin fever or loneliness. Because the best possible way to tell people we are here to help is by actually helping them.

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