Hammers and sickles. Communication of controversial art forms

A brand new brand identity and website for The Museum of the Working Class Movement in the 21st Century (MDH21). The MDH21 project is an important attempt by the National Museum and the Education Department of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes to provide a neutral historical point of view through the artifacts of the socialist era.

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This has presented us with a difficult challenge: to present the distinctive socialistic cultural heritage in an educational, sensitive, and sufficiently neutral way to both professionals and the public. The main task was to create a suitable platform for presenting a selection of unique objects, archives, and books from the former museums: the Klement Gottwald Museum with a branch of the Julius Fučík Museum and the V. I. Lenin Museum.


When creating the brand identity, we decided to take into account the colors and objects characteristic of the socialist-era. We wanted the brand to be bold and recognizable.


The final shape of the logo is formed by a rectangular trapezoid in an aspect ratio of 3:2, which copies the handle of the hammer. The bold effect of the logotype is underlined by geometrical typography and slightly altered fonts from the Berlin studio Supertype. The font looks especially great in gravure on paper.


The whole identity is reflected in the final form of the website. It was primarily intended as a project presentation, but in the end, the client liked it so much that he decided to take it as a permanent platform for presenting the Collection of the Museum of the Workers' Movement and offering much more digitised material than originally intended.

Brand identity
Web Design
Web Development
Pavel Tichoň
Art director
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Branislav Onderišin
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Ladislav Janeček