Conservative? Not for this independant law firm!

Law and Wall is a global network of independent law firms. A modern approach to Law requires an equally brave identity to match. Our vibrant visual solution helps Law and Wall stand out amongst a generally conservative Law segment. 

Creative Concept
Brand Identity


The general perception of the Law segment is that of serious conservatism. We were challenged to find an visual approach that would change those perceptions and bring attention to a modern thinking law firm that is not afraid to break from the norm. In addition we were tasked with finding an equally suitable name that would evoke this approach.


When searching for the name, we had a slightly schizophrenic assignment after discussions with the client. We were looking for a name that would be serious and relevant to the very conservative world of international law firms, but at the same time reflect the humanity, relaxation and joy that we bring to this rigid environment. Thus Law & Wall, a chain of cooperating law firms throughout the world, legal protection backwards and forwards was created.

Visual identity

The logotype purposely set in lowercase characters help to create a mirror image with the '+' as the fulcrum. A few dashes of attention grabbing colour and not so serious tone of voice add a confident yet playful element to the identity. That playfulness is extended to its digital applications where the '+' could be animated for added element of surprise.

Creative Concept
Brand Identity
Jakub smoljak
Creative Concept
Marc Sanderson
Art Direction
Karolína Hladká
Account Manager