Go sports! Redesign goes digital

Livesport Ltd. is a Czech based technology company founded in 2006 by Martin Hájek and Jiří Mareš. It is one of the world's biggest providers of live scores, statistics and other instant updates from over 35 major sports. 

Web Design
digital brand

The challenge

Livesport has millions users monthly on their websites and mobile platforms. Because of that they need to look professional and neat and decided to go through a visual rebranding and redesign all their websitestLivesport started a cooperation with DesignStudio, a London based professionals who created huge brands like Airbnb or Deliveroo. They came up with a new design and brand manual that was awesome but something was missing. The design was only made for offline usage but there were no guidelines for digital platforms. And that's where Brainz Disruptive comes to the scene.

The solution

We took the design manual made by DesignStudio and started to create its digital extensions. 

“We wanted to make the new identity work neatly in digital. It is really smart and reflects the essence of Livesport which is technology + sport. Our role was to make the digital form of the brand as clever as the offline version. A huge benefit was that the client believed in our abilities from the beginning and let us work freely. Thanks to that we came up with a modular design system that is elastic and could be developed even more on future projects.” Jan Patawa, creative director, Brainz Disruptive

There was also a strong emphasis on UX design of all the websites.

Backend challenges

After that we had to develop all of the websites. It wasn't difficult just from the front-end point of view. The backend was another tough nut to crack because of the complexity of all systems and huge amount of requests in a short amount of time. Livesport also has taught requirements for the code itself because many of their job candidates go through the console. Spaghetti code was unallowable. In the end we were able to develop the website in a very short time period and we also learned a lot about Kubernetes. 

Web Design
Web Development
Jan patawa
Creative Concept
adam mlýnek
Project Management
Branislav Onderišin
Tech Lead
Jiří Váňa
Ladislav Durchánek