CPI – The New Campona

Shaping the Future of Shopping

The co-creation of the concept of the shopping centre of the future, the definition of the consequent communication strategy and its implementation.

Product Development
Web Design

The Challenge

What will the future of shopping look like? And how can it be communicated to people so as not to confuse them, but enthuse them?

The Solution

In the first phase, it was important to define what the future of shopping would look like. Will people still go to shopping centres? How will they get there? What technologies will make shopping easier? How can trends be created rather than followed? In the second phase, we focused on the co-creation of the communication concept of how to communicate this vision to people six years before the centre was opened. The third phase consists of the actual implementation and the continuous updating of both the first and second phases.

Mapic 2018
Exhibition space design and promotional videos. The New Campona, AR presentation and promotional videos of both CPI and the New Campona.
Webb & App Development
Trend Investigation
Strategy & Planning
Interactive / Motion Design
Štěpán Kleník
Project Leader
Michal Rodriguez
Project Manager
Jakub Smoljak
Creative Strategist
Marc Sanderson
Art Director
Tomáš Fišera
Art Director
Júlia Bujňáková
Account Manager