From performers to distinctive artists: the journey of AquaBabes

The AquaBabes music project was established in 2014 with the aim of supporting young Czech talent in their music careers. In 2019, as the organizer, we took the complete organization of the project under our wings.

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We, the girls, and Jiří Burian, went to create the songs in the solitude of nature.


To ensure that the brand is credible and inspiring. The concept of the project has had a similar course since its inception: every year, an expert jury selects girls who are gifted at singing through casting to form a musical group. The AquaBabes brand was granted to this group for a period of one year, and the girls recorded a song and shot a video clip under this brand. The aim was to bring more authenticity to the project and to go beyond the "talent show" format, where girls merely accept tasks passively.


We convinced the client to accept an alternative and bold project solution. We found six talented, active, but as of yet undiscovered musicians, and our goal was not to tell them what to do, but to provide them with maximum support for their creative work. We teamed up with music icons such as Jiří Burian and Ecson Waldes, and a set of songs was created during several intense weekend sessions. For the first time in history, all the singers actively collaborated on the arrangements of the songs, the lyrics and the music, and for the first time, three songs were created instead of one author's song and they were all in English. To get the music to people who are not sitting in front of screens, the AquaBabes embarked on a road trip and played several live concerts with the band, including a performance at the prestigious opening of Občanská plovárna (Municipal Swimming Pool), and finally, in the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, we organized a series of "living room concerts" to support young independent artists.

The girls were also involved in the creation of a visual identity, where their handwriting is printed.


We chose social networks as the path for the campaign. We communicated with fans on Facebook and Instagram via interactive formats. Our main channel was YouTube (YT), where we published all the work. The Hero video clip had 500,000 views on YT during the first week, and at the end of the campaign, we exceeded the set KPI of 5 million views. 

Lots of materials

We created so much material that we could post about it on social networks (IG, YT, and FB) for over half a year.
In 2020, during the corona spring lockdown, we continued collaboration with girls in the project “Concerts from living room” when our singers and their friends held live performances on the Aquababes Instragram.

Creative Concept
Strategy & Planning
Content Strategy
Brand Identity
Audiovisual Production
Campaign Delivery
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