st_age: an online platform for new artist commissions

The coronavirus pandemic has dealt a severe blow to cultural institutions. However, the Vienna-based foundation TBA21 decided to find a solution, a new way, and we had the opportunity to participate in the implementation of the online art platform st_age. Because if we can't go to find art, we let art come find us. And consequently we discover far more than just artwork!

And just as st_age surprises visitors with more than just artworks, our team and TBA21 created more than just a platform to display artwork. TBA21 gave us the task of creating a new medium for communication - an environment where art, creators, curators, critics, scientists, partner institutions and visitors merge into one vibrant whole: st_age, where we present, we talk, we discuss, engage and support.

Creative Concept
Brand Identity
Web Design
Technology Evaluation
Web Development


To create a digital platform that is bold enough to present the unique artwork. We participated in the creation of the concept, branding and visual identity. We needed to invent a new format, a functional medium that will serve as a platform for presenting artwork in a broader context highlighting topics and UN’s goals whilst maintaining focus on the art itself.


St_age is an abbreviation for "streaming age". The impressive audiovisual artworks are presented in the form of a timeline where text is scarce. Artworks come in the form of episodes and each has a narrative taking visitors through a series of posts to carefully present and also elaborate. Integrated search functionality allows visitors to explore and filter posts and artworks by keywords and/or topics. Visitors also have the opportunity to support the creators or charities or otherwise engage by getting in touch with the editorial and production team. The end result is a cross between a gallery, streaming service and a library. It is a universal university.

The visual identity of st_age was built around the eight keys topics which would become the focus of each individual artist’s work. Each topic was defined by a colour which created a diverse spectrum. From this spectrum gradient overlays were used to stylise social media posts.

brand identity
Technology Evaluation
Creative Concept
Web Design
Web Development
Štěpán Kleník
Creative Concept
Pavel Kappel
Creative Concept
Jakub Smoljak
Creative Cooperation
Marc Sanderson
Creative and Art Direction
Michal Rodrigues Gondkovsky
Project Manager
Branislav Onderišin
IT production
Ladislav Janeček
Jiří Váňa